Summer Sunday Shout-Out: Team Drives via #BISDwired

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This past week in Brenham ISD we opened up access to Team Drives for our district.  Access to Team Drives can be found in your Google Drive.  To help our educators with this new access, we have created two tutorial videos and a quick-access website for instructional assistance.  

What is Team Drive?
-A shared space in Drive to create, store, and access files with your TEAM.  All members in the Team Drive are shared owners of all files and folders. Meaning, that if a team member leaves the district, all files and folders stay in that Team Drive, and won't be deleted.

-Team Drives function similarly to existing shared folders in Google Drive, but include two additional features to protect against shared data loss:
  1. New levels of access for members
  2. Team based ownership (all members are owners).  

New levels of access for members:
Full Access, Edit Access, Comment Access, View Access

  • Full access: By default, all members in the Team Drive can manage members, and upload, edit, move or delete all files.
  • Edit access: Edit all files and upload new files. These people can’t move or delete files.
  • Comment access: Can only comment on all files.
  • View access: Can only view all files.

Prior to creating your own Team Drive, please watch the videos, visit the instructional website, and ask questions if needed.  Use responsibly. :)

More training to come in the future. Stay tuned!

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