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Winter Wipeout Week -Certify'em for Google Forms

We can handle the heat here in Texas.  Humidity, mosquitoes, hurricanes, floods, droughts, fires - you name it.  But sadly, we don't know how to handle ice on roads and bridges.  So our, district like many others, was out this week. What does that mean to you?  Simple - we are giving you one blog post today that will have to do for the week. 

We love using Google Forms.  So when I came across this Add-on called Certify'em (from the makers of Flubaroo), I felt I had to try it. If you enable it prior to creating your quiz in Google Forms, it lets you give students their grades right away and a certificate simply by completing a few required fields while making your quiz. Then if they complete the quiz, they will get a PDF certificate like the one below. 

There are many types of certificate templates 
In either case, the certificate will be automatically emailed to the student upon passing the quiz. 

Now hopefully our team can give ourselves completion certificates for next weeks daily blog entries. 😉 #NoMoreIce 

Fab Find Friday - Doodle for Google

Nearly everyone doodles. I even saw the teacher sitting next to me yesterday in a meeting doodling. Students love to doodle.  Just look at the sides of their notebooks. So why not put that talent to good use for the annual drawing contest known as Doodle 4 Google
The drawing must include the world Google in the doodle.  This year's theme is inspiration and is open to all students grades K - 12.
Students can submit their work either directly on the online submission form or take a picture of their work and send it in digitally. For complete rules and information visit here.  

Winners are selected on both the state and national level.  Prizes include Google hardware, trips to Google Headquarters in California, and college scholarships.  

This contest runs until March 2 (Texas Independence Day!!!).

Tech Tip Thursday: Google Keep Reminds You

Tech Tip Thursday: Google Keep Reminds You 

No matter where you go, Google Keep is with you. 

Over the break, I used my personal Google Keep to keep track of all my Christmas lists. I would get sent a list or image through text or email. I then would save that text or image in my Keep. That way I could easily access those lists wherever I went instead of scrolling through group text messages trying to figure out where someone’s list was located. I realized that I was using the notes part great, but I was underutilizing the reminder section of Google Keep.

How many times do we write a note down, but forget to come back to it? How many times do we repost something really cool on Twitter or Facebook, but don’t re-visit it? Or, pin so many cool ideas on Pinterest, but then don’t ever remember what you pinned?

Start utilizing the reminder section of Google Keep. Start setting a reminder for when you need to call a parent, when you have a parent conference, when you have a faculty meeting, when you need to send information to parents, when you have certain deadlines, when you need to go by the bank before they close, and more! 

When you make a note, you should see an image of a finger with a ribbon around it (this is the reminder symbol). 

You can set a reminder for tomorrow or next week, or my favorite, you can customize the reminder date/time. 

This reminder will go off on your Google Calendar, Chrome, and Android Device. See how my reminder popped up while I was working on my laptop. 

*IMPORTANT* Make sure your reminders are turned on in your Google Calendar. I have found a lot of people do not have the Reminders Calendar turned on, so their reminders are not popping up on their Google Calendars.

If your Reminders calendar is on, then you will be able to see the reminders on your calendar. This is what it looks like-

If you are having problems with your reminder showing up, then read Google’s Help Desk answers on it-

What's Up Wednesday: EdCamp Grow on Feb. 24th, 2018

Come join us on February 24, 2018, for our 3rd annual EdCamp Grow in Brenham ISD.  

EdCamp Grow is open to ALL school districts and community members.

Registration is now open:
Please register prior to the event on Feb. 24, 2018.

EdCamp is a form of unconference designed specifically for educators and their needs. What makes EdCamp an unconference? Unlike traditional conferences which have schedules set months in advance by the people running the conference, EdCamp has an agenda that's created by the participants at the start of the event.

EdCamps Are:
  • Non-commercial and conducted with a vendor-free presence
  • Hosted by any organization interested in furthering the EdCamp mission
  • Made up of sessions that are determined on the day of the event by the participants
  • Events where anyone who attends can facilitate a session
  • Reliant on the “law of two feet” that encourages participants to find a session that meets their needs

Teaching Tip Tuesday: Make Your New Year's Resolutions Come True!

Teaching Tip Tuesday: Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Come True!

You have made your resolutions for the new year: eat better, exercise more, get healthy, use more technology, have better classroom management, listen to your students more, let students have a choice, make lessons more engaging, call more parents, etc.

Now, the big question is how do you actually follow through on your new year’s resolutions?

1. Write down your new year’s resolutions. 
According to an Elite Daily article titled, 5 Reasons Why Writing Down Goals Increases the Odds of Achieving Them by Damian Pros, Pros says that people that don’t write down their goals “tend to fail easier than the ones who have plans.” Write your goals down, so you won’t fail. 

2. Make your goals visible. 
Write your goals somewhere that you will see them and be reminded of what your goals are for the year. Put them on your bathroom mirror you use to get ready, a door you go through everyday, or on your laptop background. 

3. Have checkpoints. 
Give yourself checkpoints throughout the year to check on how your goals are coming along. Set a reminder on your calendar phone or write it down on a paper calendar when you need to reflect on your goals. Check every other week or check every month how you are doing. Journaling is one way to see how much you have progressed, too. 

4. Stick to it. Don’t Give up. 
Too easily we just give up on our goals. Don’t let that happen. Hold yourself accountable. 

5. Set a prize for accomplishing your goal. 
Kids work for prizes, so why shouldn’t adults work for prizes? Once you have completed one of your new year’s resolutions, reward yourself. Catherine Beard writes on The Blissful Mind, give yourself “a trip or vacation, or maybe it’s something small like ‘when I accomplish this step, I’ll let myself binge watch Netflix” (Beard).

Fab Find Friday - Rewordify

Not every useful web resource needs to be flashy and dynamic.  Sometimes you just want something that is easy to use that is effective.  That's the case with the site,, a free to use site that students (or really anyone) to understand complex passages of text.  

Let's take this passage for example:  

Hoping for a picture-perfect White Christmas holiday is setting yourself up for not only disappointment, but potentially symptoms of depression.
“People have this anticipation or fantasy of the holiday that you would see on TV,” psychiatrist Mark Sichel, author of Healing From Family Rifts, told HuffPost, adding that his practice gets much busier after the holidays. “Actually, it’s never exactly as people anticipate and it’s often disappointing. There’s often strife within families that comes out at holiday times.”
By simply typing or cutting and pasting the passage intoRewordify.comyou will get 
a simplified version that has replaced words hi lighted in yellow in the original text to the new version below it.  This site can be especially helpful when students are given a reading assignment that may be above their reading level.  

Tech Tip Thursday: Winter Break Tech Tips

Tech Tip Thursday:  
Winter Break Tech Tips

Please enjoy these tips from the BISDwired Team!  We hope that you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New New Year!

Web Tool Wednesday: Use ImgFlip to Create Memes for the Classroom

Web Tool Wednesday: Use ImgFlip to Create Memes for the Classroom

In October, at TCCA, I attended a presentation on “What Do You Meme?” by Angel Bradford. It was a great presentation about using memes in your classroom. She suggested many sites to create memes, but the website I found that was easy to use was-

At Imgflip, you can pick your meme picture, then you can add in text at the top and bottom of the picture. Lastly, you can choose for it to be private or public. For public, it will give you a link, or you can copy and paste it. For private, it will ask you to download the image to save.

Go ahead, get creative, and use some memes for vocabulary. You can create them or your students can create them. Or you can use the memes for other ways in your classroom.

Teaching Tip Tuesday: Build a Snowman with Google Slides via @ericcurts

by, Eric Curts (@ericcurts)

If you haven't been following Eric Curts, you should.  Eric is constantly pushing out excellent #edtech ideas, tips, and strategies.  He was also included in our blog post: 17 Educators to Follow in 2017!  He's AMAZING!

Eric also has a fantastic website called,!  I strongly recommend checking it out!

Last year around this time, Eric shared out this excellent Google Slides activity/template that you can use with your students!  Great way to introduce Google Slides to your students!  Also, a great way to introduce your students to all of the new updates that slides has to offer

Don't forget to check out his other Google Slides creations, HERE, including his awesome: Build a Jack-O-Lantern with Google Slides!

Monday Reflections - Yesenia Santibanez, 7th Grade Student at BJH

What do you like the most about Brenham Junior High right now?

I enjoy how nice my teachers are.

What lesson have you enjoyed the most in your classes?

In Avid we did a lesson called "what are we thankful for" and I showed my parents how thankful I was for all they do. 

What technology tool do you most like using in class?

Google Classroom, because it makes it easier to get and turn in assignments.

What is something that your teachers do that you appreciate?

The way my teachers work with us.  They teach nice and calm.  I feel at ease with them. 

What are you looking forward to this school year?

I'm looking forward to enjoying time with my friends and I really like AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination)  because we get to visit colleges and see what that could be like. 

What kind of profession do you want when you finish school?
I want to be a lawyer when I finish school.

Fab Find Friday: Chrome Bookmark Tips

Chrome Bookmark Tips

Managing and keeping up with all your saved bookmarks can be a hassle.  But, did you know you can edit and organize your bookmarks to fit more of them on your bookmark bar?  If you right click on a saved bookmark (Alt + Click via a Chromebook) you can click on edit and change the way the bookmark has been saved.  Most of the time when the bookmark is automatically saved its name is incredibly long.  Editing the name of the bookmark will free up space for more folders and bookmarks on your bookmark bar.

Usually, I only want the saved bookmark image and not the name of the bookmark.  To do this: go to edit, then delete the name of the bookmark, then save.  Now your saved bookmark will only be an icon.

Also, use your bookmark bar manager to create bookmark files for easier access, organization, and efficiency.  You can get there by right-clicking on a bookmark and going to bookmark manager.  Or, go to your settings, hover over bookmarks, and then click on bookmark manager.

Tech Tip Thursday: Don't Forget to Read the 'Christmas Buying Tech Tips' From Our Technicians

Right before Thanksgiving, we asked our technicians about shopping for technology over Black Friday. They had some awesome advice. 
Do you still need gifts for Christmas? Here is what they said when it comes to buying technology devices:

Web Tool Wednesday: Updates to the IOS App: Paper by FiftyThree

"Paper" By FiftyThree: *UPDATES*

"Paper" by FiftyThree is an amazing IOS app that teachers have used for journaling, digital portfolios, creating awesome drawings and much more!

I used it with all of my students as a 1:1 digital journal on a classroom set of iPads.  The students would open up their digital journals during class instruction and take notes, work on math problems, and create graphic orgainzers.  Below we have listed some great updates to this already fantastic app!

Here is one of the visuals we created as a class in our science journals during my time as a 4th grade educator: (Can be downloaded HERE)


Paper® is the immersive sketching app for capturing ideas anywhere. Over 25 million people have found their personal creative space in Paper—handwriting notes, drafting, diagramming, sketching, and giving form to their vision.

Sketch, draw, diagram, color, write notes: No matter what the inspiration, you can get it down on Paper. Capture your ideas in beautiful, 3D Journals that keep you focused and in your creative flow. Fast, gesture-based navigation makes it easy and natural to use Paper. Easily move your ideas into Paste, our app for creative teams.

Every tool tuned to perfection: draw, sketch, outline, write, color, diagram, cut, fill, and mix. Auto-correction snaps rough drawings to straight lines and crisp shapes for quickly drafting architectures and diagrams. Drop in templates like grid, lines, and storyboard to help structure your ideas.

Paper’s simple, quiet interface and gestural navigation offer you space to create without the distraction of controls and sliders. Pencil and touch superpowers let you draw, cut, and move without switching modes. Drag to easily rearrange pages, group notes with sketches, annotate photos, even "undo" with a gesture and stay in the flow.

Arrange your personal set of Journals with beautiful covers to customize your creative space. Expand your pages to view them as a grid for easy organization.

Take your creativity to the next level. Get additional tools and features by subscribing to Paper Pro. Subscription is optional, and you can cancel anytime. To subscribe, visit the Paper Pro section in the Settings menu.

Paper Pro is an optional renewing 6-month subscription. You can cancel at any time.

* Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account once you confirm the purchase.
* Your subscription will automatically renew within 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. To opt out, you must turn off the auto-renew at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.
* Manage changes to your subscription in the iTunes Account Settings.
* Any unused portion of a free trial will be forfeited when you purchase a Paper Pro subscription.

Love Paper? Please leave a review! We read every comment, review, and tweet, and your thoughts and suggestions are taken into serious consideration as we continue to evolve Paper.

If you need help or want to share feedback, contact us at

Terms of Service: 

Privacy Policy:

What's New in Version 4.0.4

4.04 contains these fixes:
- Paper would always reset to the first color palette. Now Paper keeps your palette in place.
- Tapping on the canvas would sometimes cause a Cut action. All fixed. Now your taps are just taps.
- Tap-to-fill and tap-to-cut Smart Shapes was unreliable, especially when using Apple Pencil. Both of those actions are easier now.
- Tossing a cut region to delete it is a fast and fun way to delete things. Now you can do it even if you're zoomed in.
- When using a stylus, if your finger was set to Draw, Paper would blend instead. We fixed that.
- Check out our updated support site:

- Journal list view and search: Quickly jump to any journal, even if you've got a few hundred of them. (All users)
- Custom imported cover images: Add your own image to any journal cover. (All users)
- Scale, rotate, and move imported images. (All users)
- Reorder Journals (All users)
- Multi-select in Grid View w/ delete, export, duplicate and rotate actions (All users)
- Zoom dot grid (All users)

Paper 4.0 is entirely rebuilt, reworked with SceneKit to be even more beautifully simple. 
* An all-new look and feel for Paper
* Arrange sketches and notes into 3D journal view: a personal set of notebooks
* Group notes with sketches and annotate your photos
* Beautiful covers to customize your workspace
* Your notebooks transform into grids for easy organization
* Support for Split View and all device orientations
* Optimized for iPhone X, all iPad Pro, and Apple Pencil 
* Paper Patron is now Paper Pro
* Works with Paste for building stories with your team

Teaching Tip Tuesday: Help, I Need a Review Game!

It is that time of the year- FINAL EXAMS are coming. How do we prepare our students for final exams once you have re-taught missed concepts? Play a few review games to get students prepared for that final exam and to get them engaged. Are you tired of playing the same game every time? Do you want something that is technology based or not technology based? Look no further. Here is your complete guide to review games:
Do you have any more to add?